• MardHawyer
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  • The LoL Person

    The Void?

    November 29, 2015 by The LoL Person

    I saw Something Called the void, what is that and how do you unlock it? If you can please Share your knowledge about it, that will help me a lot! Thank You!!

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  • Frostbiteskull8


    January 19, 2015 by Frostbiteskull8

    Been busy with school more recently, just started back up this week, so haven't been playing as much.  Going to play some more Hero Siege this week and try to get more boss and monster pictures and health / damage information. Keep getting the same bosses so hopefully I get lucky and get some new ones that haven't been added to the wikia yet. Just wanted to inform the wikia users that more information will be up soon and why I haven't been editing as much. 

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  • WolfNite

    Hiya *Smiles* Wolfy here. As the title says, These are my plans. I'll be keeping them updated, So feel free to drop by and tell me which ones are done so I don't waste time getting to my next goal, The top ones are my most important goals while the ones below are less important.

    • Finish The Attributes/Skills for Samurai
    • Add sprites for Samurai
    • Check if multiplayer is fixed?
    • Update the Pirate page
    • Update the Viking page

    Yes, My main goal is Samurai as he is my favorite!

    Some free time based things to do

    • Check the shop out and replace the image with a more updated one
    • Fix up the other classes

    Been busy with IRL stuff, Will start updating as soon as im free again, thanks for understanding if you do.

    Can I get dibs on Paladian and the page??Plus the secre…

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