Diablo 2 referencesEdit


  • reference to Diablo 2 "Secret Cowlevel". Sheeponia Boss spawns in a small enclosure similar to Diablo 2 Cowking

Fallen InoyaEdit


  • Some legendary itemnames referencing to Diablo 2 uniques f.e. "Hellfire Torch", "Harlequin Crest"

Gaben Walks the Earth Edit

  • reference to Gabe Newell and Diablo 2´s "Uber Diablo" Event
  • Occasionally, the text "Gaben Walks the Earth" will appear in chat. It is rumored that the player must throw the beach ball into the seventh portal to trigger it.

Fetishes and Stygian PuppetsEdit

  • is also a monster class in Diablo 2 act 3

World of Warcraft referencesEdit

Placeholder #1Edit

  • Lich King's Helmet (Clothing) and Sword (The Frostmourne Relic) Frost Whelp in The Glacial Tundra named Sindragosa and also Twin Blades (of Azzinoth) (Crit Artifact)

7th Layer of HellEdit

  • Reference to "Layer 7: Application Layer" used at networking OSI model
  • could be also just a ref to 7 deadly Sins

Monster/NPC NamesEdit

Hit Combo commentsEdit

  • In an earlier gameversion there was a combocounter. If you managed to hit very often a message appeared with "Awesome" or on very high hitcount "Get a Life would you?"

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