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Picked loot is stored in your Inventory. In your Inventory you can compare, swap and drop looted equipment. Its permanent saved to your char, even if he dies (except for Hardcore-mode). There are 7 slots: Helmet, Breastplate, Boots, Gloves, Weapon, Charm, Amulet. The Stash slot store your Prime Evil Artifact and Wormhole keys.

Enemies random drop loot with different rarity. The higher the rarity, the better the possible rolled stats on equipment can be. Maximum amount of stats is based on itemlevel (iLvl). Higher act and difficulty grant higher iLvl. Best possible Equipment (rarity and iLvl) can be looted in Wormhole.

You can sell Equipment to Jack The Ripper in Town of Inoya.

Toxic bosses have specific strong gear you can acquire, these drops are:

  • Act 1 boss Gurag and Act 5 boss Karponia drops Helms and Chest.
  • Act 2 boss Reaper and Act 6 boss Satan drops Weapons and Boots.
  • Act 3 boss Anubis and Act 7 boss Mevius drops Weapons and Charms.
  • Act 4 boss Damien drops Gloves and charms (and necklaces?).

Rarity Edit

  • Common (White) - up to 2 stats
  • Magic (Blue) - up to 3 stats
  • Rare (Yellow) - up to 4 stats + Special Effect
    Comparision unimythic
  • Legendary (Orange) - up to 5 stats + Special Effect
  • Mythic (Purple) - up to 5 stats + Special Effect
  • Satanic (Red) - up to 5 stats + Special Effect

NOTE: Chance for "Special Effect"-roll is not guaranteed

Equipment Stats Edit

NOTE: Movement Speed, Strength, Swiftness, Armor and Stamina can roll negative.
Maximum of possible negative roll is 1

Special Effects Edit

Special Effects only roll on Rare items and above. Not a guaranteed roll
Maximum one Special Effect roll per Item.

Active Effects Edit

(Effects which are triggered by you)

  • Hellfire - your hits unleash a fireburst in front of you
  • Coldsnap - your hits can freeze enemies
  • Doom Cannon - Has a chance to spawn 3 cannonball (Satanic only)
  • Hex - your hits might hex (turn them into apples) your enemies
  • Bash - your hits knock back enemies
  • Deadly Poison - your hits become venomous
  • Critical Strike - by chance your hits inflict bonus damage
  • Lightning Fury - release a ball of lightning when you hit your enemy
  • Windfury - your hits might summon a small whirlwind in front of you
  • Poison Nova - your hits have chance to cast poison nova around you
  • Ninja Shiv - throws ninja shiv in attack direction

Passive Effects Edit

(Effects which are triggered by your enemies)

  • Holy Freeze - chance to freeze enemies if you get hit
  • Holy Shock - chance to smite your enemies if you get hit
  • Odin's Fury - chance to knock back enemies in random directions if you get hit
  • Dragon's Scale - chance to emit 4 meteors from your character in shape of a cross
  • Giant's Seal - stun all enemies on screen when you get hit
  • Teleport - teleports you to a random place on the map if you get hit
  • Greed - drop some gold when you get hit
  • Shockwave - release a four directions' earthquake damaging all enemies on the way when you get hit
  • Butcher's Fury - chance to release a blood shockwave in front of your character

Special Gear Synergy Edit

  • Satanic helmets and chestplates only !! (50% chance roll)
  • Special gear synergies modify a class specific ability into a new, more powerful attack
  • having same synergy on helmet and chest doesnt stack


  • Gates of Valhalla - A hit that would kill you makes you immortal for 5 seconds instead ( 3 min cooldown )  
  • Empower - Bash is hit in all 4 directions  
  • Flames of Odin - when berserk procs, shoots hellfire in all 4 directions with weapon damage. 
  • Rage - Doubles the effect of Berserk 


  • Hydrality - Spawns 2 hydras instead of 1 and the hydra projectiles leave a blazing trail.  
  • The Armageddon - Armageddon does 5x damage with a bigger area of effect  
  • Meteor Master - Meteors deal 3x damage and are bigger. 


  • Turret Master - max turrets 8 + turrets shoot homing rockets with a 10% chance.  
  • Colossal Arrow - Shoot 1 huge arrow instead of multishot dealing multishot amount of damage.  
  • Landing Power - Landing on disengage shoots 15 arrows around with piercing damage. 


  • Mad Bomber - Shoot a cannon ball in all 4 directions with an increased 3x damage.  
  • Land Ahoy - When Anchor hits an enemy it unleashes 15 piercing bullets around with the anchors damage.  
  • Rocket Madness - When rapid fire is active pirate shoots homing rockets with her base damage. 


  • Ra's Demise - Eye of Ra hits all enemies on screen  
  • Sands of Time - Throws 3 sand projectiles instead of 1  
  • Wind Master - Nomad's 9th talent has a chance to release double the tornadoes with 3x damage. 


  • Wheels of Doom - 3x Damage on Tire Fire  
  • Double Raid - 2 trucks in Pickup Raid  
  • Giant Spin - 3x Damage on Chainsaw Massacre + 2x the area of effect 


  • Necronomicon - Double the amount of summoned minions you can have.  
  • Master of Venom - 3x damage in poison nova.  
  • Meat Wagon - Triples the amount of bits from your corpse bomb. 


  • Vorpal Mind - Vorpal Strike proc from 5 hits instead of 10  
  • Ice Dragon - 4 times the freezing time.  
  • Lightning Reflexes - Every time you evade an attack the enemy is struck with chain-lightning. 


  • Divine Light - Divine Shield has 3x the duration  
  • Lightning God - Increases Lightning Fury proc chance to 65%  
  • Holy Shield - Increases damage of shields x 3 and makes them reflect enemy projectiles. 


  • Ambusher - On jumps landing launches 15 piercing spears around her.  
  • Thunderstorm - Instead of releasing a thunder proc, releases a small thunderstorm in the location.  
  • Venom - all poison damage is tripled. 

Demon Slayer

  • Undead Impact - When you dash and hit an enemy you launch 15 piercing bullets around.  
  • Demon Slave - Gains an immortal minion that has Demon Slayer's Damage.  
  • Sixth Sense - Homing Projectiles. 


  • Blood Surgery - Blood Surge is now wider, ticks more frequently and deals 3x its damage.  
  • Manacalyption - Manacalypse cooldown is lowered and multiplier is doubled.  
  • Impalator - Increases Impale's area of effect and deals 3x its damage. 


  • Pack Leader - Summons three wolves instead of two.
  • Totem Master - You spawn one set of 6 totems instead of two sets of 3.
  • Elementalist - Shoot three Elemental Blasts instead of one, in each direction

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