Karp of Doom Header

"The Karp of Doom will take you to the Plains of Karponia!

Face new enemies and bosses, collect new loot, unlock the Samurai class and much more!"

The Karp of Doom is the first Downloadable Content to Hero Siege. If you pay a bit more, you can get the Digital Collector's Edition, which adds some extra (cosmetic) features (and still includes everything from the normal version. 


Features normal kod

- Samurai class

- Act 5 (Plains of Karponia)

- New pool of dlc exclusive enemies

- New dlc exclusive minibosses

- New pool of dlc exclusive relics

- New dlc exclusive hats

- New dlc exclusive dungeons

- New Achievements

- Early Access alpha of online multiplayer (Multiplayer is now public)

Collector's ExtrasEdit


Karp Hat & Aqua Name Color (Digital Collector's Edition)

- Collector's Exclusive Karp Hat

- Collector's Token in the menu

- Aqua Name Color

- Cyber Punk Samurai Skin

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