Minions are companions who fight on your side. You can unlock them in Character Selection menu under Shop. Only one Minion can be choosen per character. Each character uses it´s own minion (including skin), but all characters share the same type of minion.

Minions receive exp by killing enemies (you also receive exp from kills made by your minion) and level up accordingly.

By pressing "C" (Inventory button PC) you can check the progress of your minion. Here you can also see his skills and your collected Prime Evil Artifact. Although there is no mouse-over in minion screen.


Unlocking / selecting Minions

  • Click onto the character you would like unlock/change a minion and choose shop
  • Select "Minion" to choose between ranged and melee minion.
  • unlocked Singleplayer Minions and Minion Skins do not transfer to Multiplayer and vice versa
  • You can change your minion (Melee <-> Ranged) at all times, but it resets Minionlevel (you keep your Prime Evil Artifact)

Minion abilities

  • Ranged Minion

add skills here

  • Melee Minion

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