Anyone can join any expansion server, but only host the ones they own. This means that you can technically play all the DLC Acts without buying them if someone who has them hosts a game that you join. However, you still won't have access to the DLC exclusive Relics, Classes etc.

Anyway we wanna simplify how the serverlist works and connect more players to each other!

Warning Multiplayer is still under development. Clients often get desync from the game which results in not seeing objects, boss abilities or traps.


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Multiplayer lobby

  • Chatwindow to talk with other
  • Join games window

On the right you can see games other players are hosting. Symbols indicate if game is password protected and what DLC the host is running. Games with PAS-logo are hosted on official server.

Game modes Edit

    • Classic Mode
    • Siege Mode


coming soon

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