Treasure chest
Treasure Chests are one of many ways to acquire equipment, Relics, cosmetics, Runes and Wormhole keys in this game. There are four different kinds of Treasure Chests: Wooden, Golden, Crystal and Mystery. Golden and Crystal chests require keys to open. Wooden, Golden and Crystal chests can be found randomly by killing enemies or bosses. Mystery Chests can be found by killing act bosses and Wormhole bosses.

Keys Edit

There are two different kinds of keys: Silver keys and Crystal keys. They are required to open Golden and Crystal chests. Keys can be found by killing monsters or opening chests. Destroying objects like crates or bushes also has a chance to drop keys. You can hold up to 99 keys of each type at any given time. All keys are lost on death.

Wooden Chest Edit

Wooden treasure chests require no key to open. They have the lowest chance to drop a Relic.

Golden Chest Edit


Golden treasure chests require a silver key to open. Relics are uncommon in Golden chests.

Crystal Chest Edit

Crystal Key

Crystal treasure chests require a crystal key to open. They have the highest chance to drop a Relic.

Mystery Chest Edit

Wormhole Key

Mystery treasure chests require no key to open. They have a high chance to drop a Relic. For people over Wormhole level 50 they can contain Satanic rarity equipment at a higher Item Level than your current Wormhole. Magister Kujala in the Town of Inoya sells Mystery Chests for 3,500 crystals.

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