NPC's in Town of Inoya Edit

  • Jack The Ripper: Sell collected items for gold, buy Wormhole Keys for 150.000 gold and reset your relics.
  • Magister Kujala[1]: Purchase mystery chests for 3,500 crystals
  • Um: Brings you to Fallen Inoya where you can fight Uber Damien, if you give him a set of Prime Evil Artifacts.
  • Landlord Kukkonen[2]: Mayor of Inoya...does nothing useful, but he can crash a game.
  • Gar Nor: Actively guards training dummies...does nothing useful.
  • TR Tinker Dink: Opens a Wormhole if you bring him Wormhole Keys.
  • Sarcaster: Get achievement for joining Sarcaster's Coffee Club

Quest-NPC Edit

Quest NPC's have a random chance to spawn per wave. A "!" above their head, indicates they have a quest for you. Once the quest is completed, turn it in to receive gold, treasure, or a relic, as well as experience. Quest objectives will spawn at random across the map.

  • Jack the Ripper: "Find Jack´s key and his chest and open it"
  • Eric: "Slay the ancient Cum Monster 'random ancient monster'"
  • Sir Abel: "Defeat the ambush"
  • Magister Kujala[3]:"Connect 4 stones with similar platforms"
  • David: "Find David´s treasure" (a red X mark the spot)
  • Princess Kiril: "Collect 16 magic mushrooms"
  • Um: "Find Um´s altar and complete the ritual"
  • Landlord Kukkonen[4]: "Collect 8 bottles of moonshine"
  • Gar Nor: "Slay 12 monsters"
  • TR Tinker Dink: "Destroy 6 Power Generators."
  • Kayla: "Rescue 5 prisoners."
  • Obelisk: Defend the Obelisk for 60 seconds"
  • Mr Skelly: "I just downloaded the Boner-app and I'm going on a date! As I'm invalid, I need you to retrieve me a sixpack of beer, a bottle of wine and some grapes for my picnic date!"

Other NPC Edit

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