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Elias ViglioneEdit

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Elias "Panic" Viglione is the CEO of Panic Art Studios. He is known for his huge belly and fluffy earsry. He has worked on numerous games before and after Hero Siege. In recent projects his main focus has been on graphics, although he has also worked on programming, sound design and marketing. Many of the familiar voices you hear in his games are voiced by Elias. Elias dreams of building a monorail through Finland, once he has finally paid of his debt to Apple.


  • Ahoy! Bay Bubbles (2012)
  • Didi's Adventure (2012)
  • Extermination (2012)
  • Zombie Kill of the Week (2012) (Graphics)
  • Rum Isle (2013) (Graphics)
  • Hero Siege (2013) (Graphics, secondary programming)
  • Gang of Three (2013) (Graphics)

Jussi KukkonenEdit



Jussi "Terralus" Kukkonen is the lead programmer of Panic Art Studios. He has been working with Elias since summer 2013 in multiple projects. His favourite ghost is Casper and his favourite actor is Dolph Lungren (except that role in Universial Soldier).


  • Rum Isle (2013)
  • Hero Siege (2013)
  • Gang of Three (2013)
  • NESRetkuGame (in progress)

Aapeli KutilaEdit


Aapeli Kutila

Developer of stuff, thinker of things. Graphic artist at @panicartstudios. Musician, writer, programmer, game designer. He has never met any other members of the team, preferring to send his art in by courier. Favourite song: Laughing Gnome by David Bowie. Games

Aleksi KujalaEdit

Aleksi Kujala is the composer of Panic Art Studios. He has been working with Jussi for a long while and when Jussi joined Panic Art Studios he started composing for them.


  • Rum Isle (2013)
  • Hero Siege (2013)
  • Gang of Three (2013)