An unidentified Magenta Potion

Potions are items that either refill your health or add temporary stat boosts. Effects are random and can be positive or negative. After using an unknown potion first time, the ??? will be replaced by its effect for next pickups. Only last for current run.   Potions that boost Stats last the entire run, while temporary boosts only last for a few seconds. Potions may be purchased from the Treasure Fort, found in chests, or dropped by mobs. They can be life-saving, but keep in mind that if you pick one up you can't move for a short period of time, but in this state monsters can still attack you.

Potion EffectsEdit

  • DMG Boost!: +80 temporary Strength
  • Strength Increased!: +5 Strength
  • Energy Increased!: +5 Energy
  • Armor Increased!: +5 Armor
  • Health Increased!: +5 Stamina
  • Speed Increased!: Increases movement speed by 5
  • Speed Decreased!: Decreases movement speed by 5
  • Strength Decreased!: -5 Strength
  • Energy Decreased!: -5 Energy
  • Armor Decreased!: -5 Armor
  • Health Decreased!: -5 Stamina
  • Flies? ARGGH!: Flies spawn around the player and attack them
  • Full Health: Completely restores HP
  • Toxic Gas: Gasexplosion. Harms you by 90% of your hitpoints

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