Collect Prime Evil Artifact from act bosses. Once you get a full set from all 4 (non-DLC) artifacts you can challenge Uber Damien in the Fallen Inoya!

  • Random drop from act bosses.
  • Each act boss drop a specific artifact.
Act Boss Drop
1 Gurag Gurag's Heart
2 Death Death's Sigil
3 Anubis Anubis' Ankh
4 Damien Damien's Eye
5 Karp King Karp King's Belly Button *Not required for Fallen Inoya
6 Satan Satan's Horn *Not required for Fallen Inoya
7 Mevius *No Prime Evil Artifact
  • Dropchance is 28% at Inferno and 35% at Agony difficulty, and 45% on Destruction.
  • Spend a full set of this artifacts to Um in Town of Inoya to summon the portal to Fallen Inoya

Gurag's Heart, Damien's Eye, Karp King's Belly Button
Death's Sigil, Anubis' Ankh, Satan's Horn


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