Runes are attribute or talent improvements that can be equipped on your character’s talent page in the Runes tab. Runes come in various qualities from one star to five stars. The more stars a Rune has the higher quality the attributes or talent bonus will be. You can equip a total of five runes at once. Runes stack, meaning you can equip multiples of the same Rune. You can hold a maximum of 100 Runes in your inventory at any given time. At this time you can not sell Runes but you can drop them on the ground.

Rune TypesEdit

There are 12 different kinds of Runes. Each type of rune increases a different attribute or talent.

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  1. Goh Runes increase a Talent by a specific number of Talent points. This can be any of your nine Talents, including passives.
  2. Dau Runes increase your Attack Speed.
  3. Hyg Runes improve the Item Level of found equipment by a percentage.
  4. Bo Runes increase the hero's Return Damage by a certain percentage.
  5. Def Runes increase your Movement Speed by a specific percentage.
  6. Efoel Runes increase your Armor by a specific percentage.
  7. Hel Runes increase all of your attributes by a specific percentage.
  8. Vex Runes increase your Energy by a specific percentage.
  9. Fem Runes increase your Stamina by a specific percentage.
  10. Sal Runes increase your Experience Gain by a specific percentage.
  11. Ox Runes increase your Strength by a specific percentage.
  12. Dam Runes increase your Critical Hit Damage by a certain percentage

Rune UpgradesEdit

Runes can be upgraded with crystals. Each successful upgrade lowers the chance the next upgrade will succeed by a small amount. Runes at level 50 have a 1% chance at a successful upgrade. There is no maximum level of Rune. After a successful upgrade your rune will increase the attributes or talent bonus equal to the star level of the rune.


  • 5 star Goh Rune level 1 = 5
  • 5 star Goh Rune level 2 = 10
  • 5 star Goh Rune level 3 = 15
  • 5 star Goh Rune level 4 = 20
  • 5 star Goh Rune 5 = 25

Rune Rarity Edit

All Runes start as Common (White) regardless of how many stars it has. As you level up your Runes they will improve in rarity.

  • Levels 1-9 Common (White)
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  • Levels 10-19 Magic (Blue)
  • Levels 20-29 Rare (Yellow)
  • Levels 30-39 Legendary (Orange)
  • Levels 40-49 Mythic (Purple)
  • Levels 50+ Satanic (Red)

Rune Upgrade Cost Edit

The crystal cost of upgrading your runes will increase with each successful upgrade.

  • 1 star Runes level 1 cost 200 crystals and increases by 200 crystals every level.
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  • 2 star Runes level 1 cost 400 crystals and increases by 400 crystals every level.
  • 3 star Runes level 1 cost 600 crystals and increases by 600 crystals every level.
  • 4 star Runes level 1 cost 800 crystals and increases by 800 crystals every level.
  • 5 star Runes level 1 cost 1000 crystals and increases by 1000 crystals every level.

An example of this is that a 5 star Rune at level 10 will cost 10,000 crystals to upgrade.

Farming Runes Edit

The most efficient place to farm Runes is in Act VII stage V. Non expansion players should farm where ever they feel comfortable. Wormholes are not an efficient places to farm Runes because it lacks sufficient monsters and destructible objects. This makes the drop rate fairly low.

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Best Runes for Classes

Mostly Runes are left up to interpretation. The best idea is to experiment yourself and find what works best for you. However, the general rule of thumb is to equip four Goh Runes, two each for your most powerful skills or passives. Then equip one Dau Rune for the Attack Speed. Other situational Runes like Hyg and Sal can also be a good choice.