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Town of Inoya
  • NPC's in Town of Inoya
    • Jack the Ripper: sell items to him for gold
    • Sir Abel: opens a portal to Sheeponia for 5.000 crystals
    • Magister Kujala: exchanges crystals to open a mystery chest.
    • Um: bring you to Fallen Inoya where you can fight Uber Damien  if you give him a set of of Prime Evil Artifact
    • Landlord Kukkonen - Mayor of Inoya; does nothing
    • Gar Nor: actively guarding training dummies; does nothing
    • DR Tinker Dink: Opens a Wormhole portal when given a wormhole key (LVL 150 only)
    • Sarcaster: Does nothing special, speak with him to join <Sarcaster's Coffee Club> (gives an achievement on Steam)

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