Treasure Fort

Treasure Forts (Shops) are a type of dungeon that are randomly generated at the start of waves. To enter a Treasure Fort you need a silver key to open the gate. The entrance to a treasure fort can only entered at the end of a wave. The fort´s gate is unlockable only between a wave and another.

Once you enter, there are 6 things available for purchase with the gold coins that you have collected, 4 temporary stat boosts that only last the duration of that game, a random magic potion, and a random relic. You don't have to talk to the NPC but just walk on the $ platform in front of the item you want to buy.

Costs Edit

  • Stat boost cost depend of boost amount the offer has (40 coins per point)
  • Magic potion costs 250 coins
  • For each relic you have obtained in your run, Shopkeeper will raise the relic price by 500 Gold, so
    (Shopprice = 1.000coins+(n*500coins) // n=relics picked since start

Treasure Fort Inside

Known Bugs Edit

- When entering a Treasure Fort and use townportal back and forth the stage reset last wave upon exiting the Treasure Fort. fixed

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