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NPCs in Town of Inoya Edit

The NPCs in the Town of Inoya have unique functions. Each one does a specific action that will help the player a long their journey.

  • Jack The Ripper: Sell him your collected equipment, buy Wormhole keys for 250,000 gold and resets your collected Relics to none.
  • Magister Kujala[1]: Purchase Mystery Chests for 3,500 crystals.
  • Um: Giving him a full set of Prime Evil Artifacts will teleport you to Fallen Inoya where you can fight Uber Damien.
  • Gar Nor: Allows you to test your damage per second on nearby training dummies and lock your experience gain.
  • Dr. Tinker Dink: Opens a Wormhole if you bring him Wormhole Keys.
  • Sarcaster: Get an achievement for doing his quest line and joining Sarcaster's Coffee Club. After he does nothing useful.
  • Landlord Kukkonen[2]: Mayor of Inoya. After his quest line does nothing useful.

Instance Specific NPCs Edit


Quest NPCs have a random chance to spawn per instance. Having a yellow exclamation point above their head indicates they have a quest for you. Speak to them to receive the quest. Quest objectives will spawn at random across the map. Complete the quest and speak to them again to receive gold, items or a Relic as well as experience.

  • Jack the Ripper: "Find Jack´s key and his chest and open it"
  • Eric: "Slay the ancient Monster 'random ancient monster'"
  • Sir Abel: "Defeat the ambush"
  • Magister Kujala[1]:"Connect 4 stones with similar platforms"
  • David: "Find David´s treasure" (a red X mark the spot)
  • Princess Kiril: "Collect 16 magic mushrooms"
  • Um: "Find Um´s altar and complete the ritual"
  • Landlord Kukkonen[2]: "Collect 8 bottles of moonshine"
  • Gar Nor: "Slay 12 monsters"
  • Dr. Tinker Dink: "Destroy 6 Power Generators."
  • Kayla: "Rescue 5 prisoners."
  • Obelisk: Defend the Obelisk for 60 seconds"
  • Mr Skelly: "I just downloaded the Boner-app and I'm going on a date! As I'm invalid, I need you to retrieve me a sixpack of beer, a bottle of wine and some grapes for my picnic date!"

Other NPC Edit

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