• WolfNite

    Hiya *Smiles* Wolfy here. As the title says, These are my plans. I'll be keeping them updated, So feel free to drop by and tell me which ones are done so I don't waste time getting to my next goal, The top ones are my most important goals while the ones below are less important.

    • Finish The Attributes/Skills for Samurai
    • Add sprites for Samurai
    • Check if multiplayer is fixed?
    • Update the Pirate page
    • Update the Viking page

    Yes, My main goal is Samurai as he is my favorite!

    Some free time based things to do

    • Check the shop out and replace the image with a more updated one
    • Fix up the other classes

    Been busy with IRL stuff, Will start updating as soon as im free again, thanks for understanding if you do.

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