The White Mage is a ranged class implemented on 8 March 2017 with the patch. He features AoE and Support abilites.

Base Stats Edit

  • Damage: 80-100
  • Mana: 508
  • Damage Reduction: 0.98%
  • Health: 1.1k

Skills Edit

Level 1 Edit

  • Heavenly Fire: 10% on hit to scorch the ground with heavenly fire that burns enemies. Scales with Energy.
  • Restless Spirits: Cast an array of souls that seek enemies and confuse them. Scales with Energy.

Level 12 Edit

  • Curse: 15% chance on hit to curse an enemy. Cursed enemies explode on death. Scales with Energy
  • Flash Heal: Heal yourself and the nearest party member. Scales with Energy.

Level 24 Edit

  • Chain Lighting: 30% chance on heal to cast a chain lightning. Scales with Energy.

Level 36 Edit

  • Healing Zs. Scales with Energy.
  • Absorb Shield: 10% chance on heal to activate a shield that absorbs damage. Scales with Energy.

Level 48 Edit

  • Mana Orb: Creates an orb of mana that pulses AoE attack and finally explodes and replenishes mana. Scales with Energy.

Synergies Edit

  • Plague: Curse AoE also inflicts Curse.
  • Mana Pulse: Every pulse of Mana Orb gives mana
  • Angelic Zone: Healing zone is twice in size and heals 50% more