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Speak with DR Tinker Dink in town and he will ask if you want to use a Wormhole Key, or reset your Wormhole Level.

Wormhole keyEdit

Wormhole Bosses Edit

See Wormhole boss at Bosspage

General Wormhole InfoEdit

You have to be level 150 to activate a Wormhole Key. When you use the Wormhole Key a portal will spawn. Once inside, you are transported to a random map with monsters. Killing the monsters will fill up a progress bar located at the top of the screen. Once all monster have been defeated, a boss dungeon entrance will open in the center of the map.

If you manage to kill the boss, an exit portal and mystery chest will spawn, and loot will drop from the boss. Sometimes killing the boss will also spawn a crystal chest when defeated. If you managed to kill all the monsters in the previous map before the time meter filled up (3:30 min?) then you will also get a button on a vertical structure that will allow you to upgrade your wormhole level when interacted with.

Additional InfoEdit

  • Wormhole bosses have a chance to drop really rare Satanic Loot!
  • You can skip up to 5 wormhole levels when upgrading a wormhole after the boss. Faster clears = more skips.
  • Enemies in upgraded wormholes deal more damage, have more hit points based on wormhole level. HP scales by ~1% per level while Damage scales by ~0.5% per level. Ex. A level 100 wormhole has +100% HP and +50% Damage for monsters.
  • You can´t port back to town in wormholes.
  • Experience scales with wormhole level (Toxic, while being harder than your current wormhole level, does NOT scale experience in the same way). Wormholes are the best way to grind experience.
  • If you die in a wormhole, the wormhole is lost and you have to open a new one with a new key.
  • The higher the Wormhole the better the item quality (iLvl) can roll.
  • Mystery Chests drop from all wormhole bosses. These contain lower rare drops compared to mystery chests found elsewhere in the game.
  • Ruby drops from killing a Wormhole boss scale with wormhole-level.


Wormholes now add up to 5 hazards, 1 per 20 levels. These hazards stack meaning a level 100 wormhole will contain all 5 hazards.

Level 20 (Berserk)

  • Enemies below 35% HP gain 150% Damage, 150% Increased movement speed, grow slightly in size and turning red.

Level 40 (Volcanic Eruption)

  • When entering combat and every 10 seconds while in combat, small craters spawn on the feet of players that erupt after a second causing massive damage + burning debuff.

Level 60 (Corrosive Pools)

  • When an enemy dies, it leaves behind a pool of corrosive blood that greatly damages the player.

Level 80 (Molten Heart)

  • When an enemy dies, it also leaves behind a ball of lava that explodes and deals AOE damage + causes burning debuff.

Level 100 (Reaping)

  • Every time you kill an enemy, you gain a few seconds of bleeding that stacks per enemy death. Every stack ticks for a % of your Max Health. This debuff can NOT kill you. It will simply reduce you to 1 hp. It is recommended to not let this buff stack over 25 as it will reduce you to 1 hp very quickly.